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EcoGroup ShrinkWrap Ltd

EcoGroup ShrinkWrap specializes in Industrial Shrink Wrap Containment (EcoWrap) which is a revolutionary solution for encapsulation of all types of scaffold structure; it is the best replacement for traditional debris netting and pvc side sheeting which cannot provide a good enough quality and durability for all applications that you may require.

Industrial Shrink Wrapping is being used by large contractors worldwide for every kind of encapsulation that requires a weather protective and dust free environment (environmental wrap).

Examples include:
Temporary Roofs & Side Sheeting (Weather Protection)
Temporary Shelters
Containment for Blasting & Re-painting
Containment for the Working Environment
Containment for all Demolition Works
Containment for Environmental Protection

EcoWrap shrink film has been selected after years of researching and testing on most of the available films on the market worldwide. We believe we have found the best quality film at the most affordable price to deliver to you an economically viable & effective solution for all of your encapsulation needs.


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