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EKOTON Industrial Group

The main direction of EKOTON activity is development, producing and implementing of high quality technological equipment for wastewater treatment at the treatment plants and industrial enterprises.
Company plants in Ukraine, Poland and Russia producing more than 35 types of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. Nowadays EKOTON equipment operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.
EKOTON Industrial Group produces:
 Mechanized screens (rake bar screens, step bar screens, hook screens, brush drum screens, screw screens, grinding screens «Grizzly», waste grinders);
 Screw conveyors and screw compacting presses;
 Tangential grit chambers and rectangular scrapers;
 Complex for Mechanical Wastewater treatment M-Combi (fine screen with aerated grit chamber);
 Equipment for clarifiers (sludge scrapers for radial and rectangular clarifiers, sludge suction scrapers for radial and rectangular clarifiers, clarifiers trays, weirs, semisubmersible, boards, central cups, davits);
 Slide gates (penstocks);
 Aeration systems (tubular diffusers):
 Equipment for mechanical sludge dewatering (belt filter presses, chamber membrane filter presses, sludge thickeners, dehydrators);
 DAF-units and physicochemical treatment complexes
 Full-automatic flocculant solution preparation systems «SMART Mix»

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