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Sundstrom Safety AB

Sundstrom Safety produces World class respiratory protection system.
The unhealthy air of the mines inspired Ivan Sundstrom to design the first protective masks.
Sundstrom Safety AB was founded in 1926 by Ivan Sundstrom who was a mining engineer and realized at an early stage the need for protecting the eyes and lungs of miners.

The company and its products were developed further by his son Per, who also studied at the Technical Academy (now Faculty of Art). His art studies included analysis of subjects such as the peranatomy of the human body. The understanding of human face forms laid the foundations for the design and properties of face masks. A good respiratory protection device must be simple and comfortable to use. In 1962, Per Sundstrom also presented the first modern protective mask, which was made of rubber and was of anatomic design. The first silicone mask was launched in 1989.

Our aim is to protect people against polluted air. It was this concern that prompted our grandfather to begin producing protective masks over 90 years ago. We then carried this task through into the 21st century. This is why we are not content with merely conforming to the demands of the authorities. We do our utmost to make our products as good and efficient as present-day technology enables us to do.

During the past 40 years, Sundstrom Safety has invested vast resources into product development. The objective has been to create an expandable and flexible product range. We can now present our complete system of masks, filters and accessories for all applications occurring in the market. Although we are very pleased with our present products, we continue to pursue our product development work. We always endeavour to offer the best possible protection. When our grandfather founded his company, he would never have imagined how it would grow into today's export-oriented company. On the other hand, he undoubtedly hoped the company would live on and stay in the family. His wishes have been met and will continue to be met in the future. Per Sundstrom passed away in December 2004, and the third generation of the family continues to run the company in the same spirit. In 2016, the company celebrated its 90th anniversary.

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