Martin Lill

Lakeland Industries

Martin Lill has been involved in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of chemical protective clothing for 28 years, during that time working with two major global manufacturers of a wide range of PPE, but primarily focussed on chemical protection.

A leading expert in chemical protective clothing and many of the fabrics used to make them, he has also gained a deep understanding of the related standards, having been involved in the CE certifying of protective clothing since the inception in 1995.

His current role with Lakeland Industries is as Director of International Marketing, and involves regular training and educational sessions to users and sales teams globally. This issue of the very common misunderstanding of chemical permeation assessment according to current standards has been of concern to him for several years, so he sees the change in the new standard as an opportunity to improve protection of users globally.

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EN 14325:2018 : A dramatic change for chemical suit assessment

The new EN 14325 published in 2018 contains a major change in how permeation of hazardous chemicals through chemical suit fabric is assessed.
Commonly users globally misinterpret the current classification – resulting in potentially hazardous assumptions for chemical suit use. For the first time the new classification provides users with a real indication of safe use time for chemical suits. This presentation explains how the classification can be used.


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