Sarah Bergin

Bureau Veritas

Sarah Bergin BSc(hons), MSc, PhD, AMRSC

Sarah works as a consultant fire scientist in the fire and chemical management department at Bureau Veritas. The role involves production and delivery of bespoke training to the UK Emergency Services and private clients. She is also responsible for delivering on-site monitoring assessments as the client requires. These include projects such as odour surveys on remediated land, or as part of an emergency response with the fire service, water contamination such as from run-off water and air quality surveys such as in office spaces. She is part of the on-call scientific response team providing advice regarding hazardous materials, emergency planning, business continuity and emergency response.

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The Saddleworth moor fires: an air quality monitoring response

This seminar discusses the air quality considerations during a major incident, in particular when moving from the emergency phase to the recovery phase. When the Saddleworth moor fire broke out, appropriate air quality limits were applied that aimed to consider all exposed receptors e.g. the fire service as workers, or affected residents. The talk discusses these air quality limits and the actions that were taken based on air quality monitoring.


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